[Guide] Add speed alerts to Google Maps on Android

Google Maps packs a ton of features, but there are still some lacking. For example, there is no on-screen speedometer built into the app, although there is an alternative solution that lets you add speed alerts to Google Maps on Android.

Velociraptor is a simple app that complements Google Maps by letting you add a speedometer on it, plus you can enable alerts to notify you when you exceed the speed limit.

How to add speed alerts to Google Maps on Android

Velociraptor also works with other navigation apps, although some of them already have a built-in speedometer. Nevertheless, for the purpose of this guide, we’ll use it to add speed alert to Google Maps on Android, so here’s how it works.

To begin with, download and install Velociraptor from the link below:

Download Velociraptor (Google Play)

After you open the app, its settings screen will be displayed. Toggle on the switch next to the “Allow Velociraptor to detect the current app by turning on its accessibility service” option.

Now you’ll be taken to the Accessibility settings, where you need to enable Velociraptor as well.


add speed alerts to Google Maps on Android

Now you can head back to the app’s Settings page to customize it to your liking. You can enable/disable the sound alert for exceeding the speed limit, change the units to kilometers or miles per hour and adjust the speeding alert tolerance.

Furthermore, Velociraptor lets you choose between an international style speed limit indicator or a US one, which you can customize using the ‘Style’ option.

By default, Velociraptor should be enabled in all compatible apps, although you can review the list and disable it in those it’s not necessary. This can be done from the main settings screen under ‘Show in these apps‘.

add speed alerts to Google Maps on Android

Once you finish configuring Velociraptor, you can go ahead and launch Google Maps, select a destination and enjoy your new on-screen speedometer. As you can see, the app makes it very easy to add speed alerts in Google Maps on Android, and you can reposition the speedometer anywhere on the screen.

However, be aware Velociraptor uses map data from HERE Maps and OpenStreetMap, so it won’t work properly in areas that lack coverage in both of these services.

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