How To: Add an “Unread” folder in Mail app on iOS

The iOS Mail app is quite good at allowing you to manage multiple email accounts on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – all the basics are there, read, send, create drafts and pin stuff you want to read or deal with later.

There’s one more important feature, which is not that well-known (although not a secret either): the Mail app lets you create an “Unread” folder which holds unread messages from all your email accounts.

This is incredibly useful, especially if you have to deal with a ton of emails every day, as with this feature you can see them all in one place. Here’s how you can do it:

Create an “Unread” folder in iOS Mail app to view unread messages from all inboxes

Add an Unread folder in Mail app on iOS - 1

An obvious requirement for the Unread folder is to have at least one email account connected to the Mail. If you just bought a new device or you’re using Mail for the first time app you can either follow the wizard to add a new email account or enter it from the app’s Settings. Otherwise, just open the Mail app on your iDevice and on the ‘Mailboxes‘ screen select the ‘Edit‘ button located in the upper-right area.

In editing mode, you can see a list of email folders and the ones that have the blue check next to them are enabled. Since the Unread folder is toggled off by default, you’ll need to enable it by tapping on the hollow circle on the left of its name. You might want to enable other folders from this list. For example, I’m using the All Drafts and All Sent folders as I find them just as useful as Unread.

You can also change the position of the Unread folder on the Mailboxes screen. While still in editing mode tap and hold on the three horizontal lines found at the right of Unread and drag it to reposition it. Simply let go when you’re happy with its placement. Tap on ‘Done‘ to apply the changes.

Add an Unread folder in Mail app on iOS - 2

From then on, you’ll be able to see all your unread emails in the Unread folder, which is certainly convenient if you’re using multiple email accounts. Instead of checking your email inboxes one by one (or even using the All Inboxes folder), you can now view all unread messages in a single place.

You might ask why did Apple decide the Unread folder should be toggled off by default? To be honest, we have no idea (no one does). Nevertheless, the option is there and you can easily enable it.

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