How To: Add a watermark to Excel

Although adding a watermark is very easy in Word since it provides a specific option for that, Excel takes a bit more work. However, once you do it once you will have no problems with it since it is not really complicated. You will simply have to work around Excel’s options and create your very own custom watermark.


Open up an Excel document and go to the Insert tab. You should see an option in the Text tab saying “Header & Footer”. Click on that to activate the option. You will be taking to the Design tab in the header & Footer tools. If you want to add an image as a watermark, simply click on the Picture option and browse your computer for the desired picture. After it is done you will see a “&[Picture]” text appearing in the place of the header. When you click anywhere else but the header in Excel the picture will appear. If you have used a dark picture that hides your sheet, simply click on the “Format Picture” option, navigate to the Picture tab and select the “Washout” colour from the dropdown list or manually adjust its settings from the sliders.

Adding text is also very easy. Simply type in whatever you want and then adjust it somewhere in the document. You can change its size and its colour like you would with any kind of text in the document. Choose a big font, place it in the center of the document and select a colour that is faded like grey. To delete the headers, simply delete the text or choose the “(none)” option from the Header dropdown list in the Design tab.