How To: Add a website or web page shortcut to your Android home screen with Chrome

Just like we use application shortcuts on our computer desktops and phone home screens, you might feel the need to have quick access to other types of content such as websites for example.

Instead of bookmarking the websites and web pages you visit most often (which is useful in its own right), why not simply add their shortcuts to your Android home screen? Of course, filling the home screen with dozens of such icons can make it messy, but this is a great solution if all you want is shortcuts to just a few sites.

This feature is definitely not new, but it is somewhat ignored despite the fact it makes sense to be able to quickly access frequently used websites just like we would apps. If you’re using Chrome as your default web browser on your Android device, here’s how you can use the app to quickly add a shortcut to any website on the home screen:

Open Chrome and go to the website you want to access quickly. We’re pretty big fans of ourselves so we did that for (we definitely don’t mind if you do the same).

To continue, tap on the overflow button (the three-dot icon) and from the drop-down menu select the ‘Add to Home Screen‘ option.

Then, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to confirm your choice. You can just go ahead and tap the ‘Add‘ button or edit the shortcut’s name first like we did.

Add website shortcut to home screen Android 4

From then on, you will be able to quickly access the site from your device’s home screen. No need to launch Chrome first! And if you’re worried about the aesthetics, there’s no need to – the shortcut looks just like a regular app icon.

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