How To: Add widgets from your iPhone’s Home Screen in iOS 10

Widgets have been made much more functional in iOS 10. Most stock apps now have widgets and third-party apps are quickly jumping on the widget bandwagon as well. With widgets finally getting their deserved appreciation, it is possible to add widgets from your iPhone’s Home Screen in iOS 10.

Also, you can access widgets directly from the lock screen which might be useful for some people and just an unwanted feature for others, which is why we recently discussed how to remove widgets from the lock screen in iOS 10.

3D Touch has been getting a lot of love in iOS 10 as well, so it definitely makes sense there’s some use to it when it comes to widgets. 3D Touch is the norm right now, and even if only the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have it at the moment, all future iPhone will have it as well.

Add widgets from your iPhone’s Home Screen in iOS 10

In iOS 10, 3D Touch any icon on your home screen and you will see the usual list of Quick Actions, as well as the ap’s widget directly above them.

Should you find that widget useful just tap on the ‘Add Widget’ option and it will be added to your ‘Today’ view which you can access directly from the lock screen by swiping left or on the leftmost lock screen.

Even if you don’t use all the stock iOS apps, you will surely find some widgets useful. For example, the Calendar widget shows upcoming events, the Weather widget shows today’s forecast and the Activity app for Apple Watch shows daily stats for Move, Exercise, and Stand.

The Photos Memories widget acts as a shortcut to a collection and the News widget provides the latest headlines, allowing you to jump directly to them.

For now, there are no third-party apps that support 3D Touch widgets and this is something that developers need to implement into their products but we can expect to have them for at least some popular apps by the time iOS 10 is released this fall.

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