Adobe Lightroom gets copy/paste function for adjustments and more in latest update

Creative Cloud subscribers will be happy to learn Adobe Lightroom got a little easier to work with thanks to the latest update. While the app was somewhat incomplete when it launched, today it’s shaping beautifully, and partly thanks to the last update which adds improvements for adjustments, cropping, sorting and other aspects of the app.

Users can now directly copy adjustments between images (the feature can be accesed by long-pressing on a photo) and cropping on mobile is now a more streamlined experience which offers the possibility to quickly tweak, align and automatically straighten photos.

The ability to copy adjustments can be quite useful in situations when you have a bunch of photos taken roughly at the same time at a certain location. Since the scenario, subjects, lighting….etc. are all the same, those images will need the same adjustments so what could be easier than simply tweaking one photo and then applying the same settings on the rest?

There’s also a new Segmented view available in Collections, which lets you find images faster than before, plus raw file support has been added for the Panasonic Lumix CM1 Communication Camera.

The list of bug fixes is quite extensive – for example the screen can no longer go blank when switching between landscape and portrait and the app doesn’t crash after tapping the sign-in option anymore.

Since the changelog on Google Play is a condensed version, here’s the complete one from Adobe:

What’s New:

  • Edit images faster by copying image adjustments and pasting them onto another photo.
  • Crop the perfect photo with a re-designed experience on your Android device that enables you to quickly adjust, align and auto-straighten.
  • Easily find your favorite images! The new Segmented view in Collections give you a different way to view and engage with your photos.
  • Raw file support for the Panasonic Lumix CM1 Communication Camera.


  • Screen occasionally went blank after changing the orientation from landscape to portrait.
  • Lightroom could crash when customers tap the sign-in button.
  • Fixed issue that could cause crashes when scrolling through a large collection and changing the device orientation from portrait to landscape (or vice versa).
  • Hardware back button was not closing any contextual menus.
  • Slow performance when swiping from image to image.
  • Copying or moving an image into a different collection was not working correctly. Please note that this issue only occurred on certain Samsung tablets.
  • Lightroom sometimes caused automated logouts.
  • Edits not visible when sharing photos to certain 3rd party apps and services.
  • Crash occurred when occasionally navigating from grid view to collections view.

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