Advanced Folder Encryption: A complete package for all your encryption needs

Protecting your files is very important in this time and age, especially when you are dealing with computers used by multiple users. Every computer can be compromised which makes Advanced Folder Encryption an incredibly significant tool for everyone.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very basic with all the installation options you are used to. The only real difference is that you can also choose to view some online help documents at the end of the setup. The supported operating systems are Windows XP 32-bit, XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 2000 and the program is compatible on all file systems like FAT and NTFS.


All of the program’s features are neatly presented in the main interface. This creates a visual look that is very clean and neat and it will certainly help amateur users use the software at its fullest. The toolbar on the top of the main window really gives all the information you could possibly need and on the bottom right corner you can change the way the things are listed for your convenience.

Encrypting files and folders is also extremely easy. Simply pick the option from the toolbar and browse your computer to find the files or the folders you wish to encrypt. Set a password and an encryption method and you are done. It is also worth mentioning that the highest encryption method is reserved for paying users only. The files are created in a format specific to the program and you can only decrypt them with it. Decrypting a file or a folder is also very easy. Simply try to open them and you will be prompted to enter the password. You should also choose what method of decryption you are aiming for. You have two options of temporary decryption. In the first, you have to click on a button to encrypt it again before closing its window. In the second, it will encrypt itself when you close it. Lastly, you can also choose to decrypt them permanently and they will return to their previous state.

The application also offers various other utilities that revolve around the security or recovery of your files. The first is the option to shred files which will make them untraceable and non-recoverable by conventional tools. The other option is to protect a hard drive but it will make it hidden and inaccessible. The last option is reserved for registered users and is aimed at helping you recover files that you don’t remember the password for.

Lastly, the settings menu is interesting for two options. One is to add the ability to encrypt files on the spot just by right clicking on them and the other is to actually encrypt the application itself with a password, meaning that no unauthorized person is going to be looking at your files.


-Extremely easy to use interface will help all kinds of users with their encryption needs
-Multiple encryption settings and the easiness of the whole process makes things a blast
-Extra options are a very nice addition to an already robust package


-Some features are limited to paid users


If you are concerned about your data, then you should use Advanced Folder Encryption. And at this point, it is highly recommended for everyone to be concerned as more and more things are becoming digitized and people will need that extra sense of security.