Advanced IP Scanner: Comprehensive IP tracing tool

Advanced IP Scanner is an application that will let you detect all of the IPs currently connecting to the same network as your own computer and interact with them in plenty of ways.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very simple and is offered in two modes. You can either install the application in your computer as you normally would or run a portable version that requires no installation at all. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The program’s interface could not be more user friendly. The visual look is very clean and the toolbar is very helpful to navigate the application. The IP addresses that the program scans are located in the bottom of the window while the tools are on the top toolbar and on the top menu. If you ever find yourself lost about how to use a specific utility you can always bring up the online help menu which contains detailed information about each tool that the application offers.

To scan for other computers running in your network, simply click the Scan button from the toolbar and the application automatically retrieve information about them. You can check their current connectivity status, the name of the computer, the IP, the PC manufacturer and the MAC address of each computer. When the scanning is done, you can click on any computer in the network in order to use the more advanced tools.

Keep in mind that in order to perform any function on a remote computer you will need to have its login credentials. This is not a hacking tool and cannot be used as such. When you try to perform any action on them you will be asked to enter the login details and then you can do whatever you want. If you only want to work with specific computers in the network you can add them to your favourites so that they are more easily accessible.

Right clicking on any computer will give you a context menu with a lot of options. You can explore their folders, you can initiate a shutdown, test their ping, trace their networking connections and more. If you are the admin of the PC you can also use various tools like transferring files, initiating a voice chat or simply sending a message to that specific PC. Those features are extremely useful for network admins that want to communicate with other computers in the network very fast and very easy.


-Two modes to run the application in
-Detailed information about the computers in a network
-Various tools for network communication
-Very fast and reliable scanning process


-None worth mentioning


Advanced IP Scanner is a marvelous utility that most networking admins will find very easy to use. Although some of the features might seem basic there is a lot to like about the application and the user friendly interface is always a plus.