Aegisub: A complete subtitle editor

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The subtitling scene is fairly large and you will probably find the subtitles you are looking for if you search hard enough. However, in cases where you cannot find subtitles or you want to get into the scene and you need a new subtitles editor, Aegisub has you covered.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is very fast and it will give you the option of creating various shortcuts as well as letting you choose the installation path. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000 and later, Mac OS X 10.7 and later as well as some Linux distributions. Versions for 32bit and 62bit operating systems are offered separately along with a portable version of the program. Extra requirements like the Visual Runtime Redistributable are bundled with the installer.


Working with Aegisub is a very pleasant experience. In contrast with other subtitle editors, the program has a very clean interface that has tons of options but never feels cluttered. If you want to see what a finished subtitle file will look like you can load one immediately after you start the application. The subtitles are very neatly organized in time lapses and style formats so that you can easily find what you are looking for and edit them on the spot.

If you are using the installed version of the application you will have noticed that it comes bundled with ASSDraw3. That application can be used to create various shapes that you can incorporate into your subtitles. Western markets and movies do not usually incorporate such subtitle shapes but you are free to use them however you see fit. Tutorials can be found all over the internet on how to use the program and how to best use it alongside Aegisub.

Regarding the main application, editing subtitles could not be easier. There are multiple modes that you can use to create subtitles but the application can make life easy for you by automating much of the process. First of all, know that you can also use the program to create lyrics for karaoke. The automation process is fantastic and lets you link the audio to the text script that you create without much effort. Even if you are using a video as a source, you can extract the audio from the video using the application and match the subtitles or lyrics to it.

Furthermore, the program is also great for translating. You can find and download a ton of different dictionaries and even a thesaurus for the program that will automatically correct all of your mistakes as well as offer suggestions when you are stuck. If you are not translating in your native language you can simply insert a word into the translation tool to use it with your main script. All of these tools can be accessed directly from the toolbar or the menu at the top for easier access and all of subtitles can be directly edited in all of the formats using the toolbars and general Unicode application.


-Fast installation
-Extremely easy to use
-Advanced features that let experienced users create amazing subtitles
-The bundled ASSDraw3 is incredible
-Multiple scripting modes
-Very helpful automation utilities




It is no wonder that Aegisub is the fan-sub editor of choice for millions of people. The incredible interface combined with all of the extremely well-made features of the application make it one of the best subtitle editors that you could possibly hope to find.