AI RoboForm: Fill forms automatically

AI RoboForm is a shareware application that stores your personal information like usernames and passwords securely and fills online forms automatically while being integrated to your browser. If you use less than 10 logins then you can use the application for free otherwise you can use a trial version for 30 days.

Installation & Requirements

During the installation you will have various options to choose from so you should pay close attention. The application can integrate itself with your browsers and you can also choose between the “Everywhere” and “Desktop” modes during the setup. The supported operating systems are Windows XP and later, Mac OS 10.5 and later, Linux, Android and iOS. Windows 7 was used for this review.


The program is divided into the desktop application and the plug-in for your browser. Both serve different functions, with the browser add-on serving your filling forms and the desktop program giving you full control over your information and the behavior of the application as well as a more secure way to handle your data.

You can always access the program from the system tray in Windows. The good thing about the application is that it integrates itself in both the browser and Windows seamlessly. The next time you enter a contact form or login information in your browser, the application will ask to save it. Then you will never have to enter it again if you do not want to as the program will securely store the data on your computer and use it anytime you want to log in or fill in an online form.

Moreover, the same can be done for applications within Windows. When you log in an application or fill in a contact form, a RoboForm icon will appear. Clicking on it will let you save the information inside the application so that you can use it any time you wish. Stored information from any source can be displayed and edited at any point.

You can then use the buttons on the top toolbar to use any of the program’s actions. For example, you can press the Login button that will automatically open the browser, fill in the login information and click on the login button for you. It is an extremely convenient feature that saves you a ton of time since you can just click on a single button and be logged into the service you want. In addition to that, the various websites are represented by both their names and their icons so that you can navigate between them easily.


-Installation with multiple options
-Seamless integration with your operating system and your browser
-Extremely easy to use
-Log in and store your information with a few clicks


-None that would be worth mentioning


AI RoboForm is an incredible application that will save you a ton of time and a lot of frustration from filling in your information each time. Finally, the application secures your data so not only is it more convenient than manually inserting your data, it is also very secure.