AIDA64 Extreme Edition: Exhaustive computer analysis

While most of the times computers work just fine on their own there are some situations in which we need to get our hands dirty and have a look inside to gather necessary information. Fortunately, the software industry gives us solutions for retrieving system information in a more comfortable manner.

In plain English, a good benchmark and diagnosis utility can provide a ton of data about our system, way more than our own eyes could notice. Such an application is the acclaimed AIDA64 Extreme Edition, formerly known as EVEREST, a benchmarking tool designed for Windows, capable of delivering a wide range of information about our system’s hardware and internal temperatures but also system stability testing, hardware error diagnosis, performance assessments and a bunch of other useful functions.

Aida64 Extreme Edition Summary

Installation & Requirements

The installation of AIDA64 Extreme Edition is indeed extreme: the process is expeditious and the only settings you need to perform are choosing the installation and Start Menu folders. In addition, no adware will bother you, like expected from a high-quality commercial program.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition supports most Windows versions, namely 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/PE/Server 2003 /Server 2008/Server 2008 R2/Vista/7, and just like a utility should, it has low system requirements so basically you can install it on almost any ancient relic.


AIDA’s plain-white appearance is hardly eye-feasting but it makes up with cleanliness and functionality. Even at first sight you can quickly find your way through the piles of features residing the left sidebar, because they are nicely organized into relevant categories with submenus. AIDA has it all: from general computer information and internal temperatures to overclock and detailed information about specific hardware, OS and software, capable of satisfying even the most demanding power-users.

The top menu contains basic options from where you can access the program’s settings, customize its display, create reports, define favorites, access benchmarking, diagnostic and testing tools or get some help from AIDA’s documentation, official website and forum. Right below lie a bunch of icon-based shortcuts for elementary operations, specifically navigation, forum, the report wizard and updates for your driver and BIOS. On whatever option you click on, the related info will show in the main content area, including the submenus for the sidebar main categories.

Another positive feature of AIDA64 Extreme Edition is its auto-update function that will ensure the program is constantly capable to detect all the latest hardware, in case you decide to upgrade your computer, eliminating the need to manually check for new versions of the program.

The knowledge and power that AIDA places in our hands, combined with the structured and easily accessible interface make up a relevant example of how a reliable benchmarking and diagnosis tool should look like.


– Extended diagnosis capabilities for both software and hardware.

– Accurate tools for hardware monitoring, including sensor temperatures and thermal alerts.

– Easy to use and well-organized interface.

– Great support via documentation, forum and online form.


– The trial version has limited features.

– Only for Windows operating systems.


Since AIDA64 Extreme Edition is commercial software, you might want to take a closer look at similar software and make sure that if you decide to buy one, it will be the right product for you.

For simpler purposes, the freeware Speccy might be worth a try. Speccy is a Windows system information tool that lacks those advanced testing functions found within AIDA64, but if you don’t need such assets it might suit you better. As for paid products, Speccy Home and Speccy Business are both affordably-priced utilities with prioritized support included.

If you still wish to benefit from a more complex benchmarking and diagnosis utility, SiSoftware Sandra Lite is also a free program with capabilities similar to the ones if AIDA64 Extreme Edition but also containing some unique features. SiSoftware Sandra is a Windows-based app and has Engineer, Enterprise and Pro for Home and Business paid versions.


AIDA64 Extreme Edition is indeed accessible for anyone, but its vast array of features make this comprehensive diagnosis and benchmarking tool most powerful when in the hands of power users, hardware enthusiasts and overclocking addicts that require more than a quick look under the “hood” of their computer.