All in One Keylogger: Monitor all keystrokes

Although we do not recommend it for malicious purposes, monitoring and logging keystrokes can be quite fun, as evidenced by All in One Keylogger and the experiences from it. The application’s demo is offered for 7 days, after which a license must be purchased.

Installation & Requirements

After you extract the downloaded file, running the executable will start the installation. During the setup you can choose to disable anti-spy software and delete the installer after the setup is over “for increased stealthiness” as the developers put it. Shortcuts can also be created if you want. The software supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The very first time you start All in One Keylogger, you will understand that it aims to be as unique and “stealthy” as possible. First time users will need to enter a password. When you enter that password in any other application, All in One Keylogger’s interface will appear. This is precisely the reason why the program stresses that the password is unique. If you use a common word that someone else might type, they will foil your plans. Even after you enter the password, you will get yet another reminder that typing it anywhere will bring up the main window. If you forget the password, you lose access to the application, simple as that.

Although the application runs in the system tray by default, you can easily disable that. In fact, you can actually hide the application from pretty much anywhere. You can hide the program files, the task manager process, the system tray icon and probably whatever else you can think of that the average user would have access to. Typing the password to bring up the main interface is an ingenious way of running things and it allows for immense flexibility.

Customization and flexibility are actually two of the main aspects that the application strives to shine in. Judging by the Settings menu, a lot of effort has been put into making the whole process extremely easy yet also as effective as possible. Even changing the language is as easy as clicking on a single button tat the bottom of the interface. All of the other settings are also fairly easy to configure with plain name s and few technical terms if you do not want to deal with them, that is.

Advanced users will have access to more utilities in the system. You can send the logs automatically via E-mail, via an FTP server and through the LAN network. Setting these options requires a bit of tinkering around and you will obviously need knowledge of the above terms but that should not be too hard for the above average user. In fact, the interface is so straightforward that anyone who is willing to spend some time with it can figure everything out.


-Unique installation and running modes
-Incredibly easy to configure
-Tons of settings to mess around with
-Suitable for all kinds of users


-Steep price


If you are looking for a unique but still effective keylogger, then All in One Keylogger is definitely for you. The application offers a lot of features that are easy to configure and the password feature alone is worth a try.