AllOff: Monitor your activity

If you leave your computer on for long periods of time you will have surely wondered if you can configure it to shut down during certain times. The free AllOff application lets you do just that.

Installation & Requirements

During the setup process you will have the option of selecting the normal installation or the slave one. The second mode will let the computer be controlled remotely by the main application that should be installed in another computer. After the installation is done you will need to register the application. You can obtain a working registration key from the product’s download page after you enter your e-mail and use it when you first start the application. AllOff supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


When you first start the application it will be loaded with the default settings and the monitoring window will appear. In that window you are able to check the CPU Load, the download rate, your keyboard and mouse activity and the action that will be taken after your computer has not been in use for a certain amount of minutes. You also have the option to test that action immediately by clicking on the respective button at the bottom of the interface.

All of the settings are located in the Configure tab. It will probably seem overwhelming at first as the customization options offered by the application are incredible. The configuration window is divided into 4 smaller tabs, each with its own functions. In the Activation tab you will be able to set what happens when the application is started as well as set a delay and configure the logs if you wish.

In the Control tab you will have to configure what AllOff monitors and for how long. For example you might not want to monitor your download rate at all so you can disable that particular feature. You can also set a certain amount of processes to be monitored by entering their name in the respective boxes. It is worth noting that whatever you set to be monitored will keep the application from turning your computer off. For example, if you set it to monitor your download connections and leave your computer on to download files then it will simply not turn off.

The shutdown options are located in the next tab as well as the warning time before it happens. Of course you can also set it in Silent mode which means that it will simply perform the action you have chosen without a warning. Lastly, the Slave Communications tab will let you control a remote PC that you have installed the slave module on by entering the IP address and the appropriate ports.


-Clean interface
-A ton of customization options
-Very easy to use even for inexperienced users
-Helpful configuration help web page


-None worth mentioning


AllOff’s  simple interface combined with the fact that it comes for free makes it a perfect choice for anyone that wants to power off their computer via an easy to use application that offers a myriad of customization options.