AMC Graphic Workshop Pro: Powerful image editing

AMC Graphic Workshop Pro is complete graphic editing suite that offers a ton of tools and utilities to edit and view all of your image files in a single package. The application offers an evaluation version with no restrictions.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is quite simple so after you agree to the EULA and choose a destination folder the setup will start and complete very fast. Desktop and Start menu shortcuts will be automatically created. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1


The first time you run the program you will need to go through various menus and windows that will inform you on various parts of the program. First of all, you will need to evaluate your trial version by clicking on the respective option. You will simply need to have an active internet connection and that your security software will allow the program to connect to the internet when you click on the evaluation option. After that you will need to complete the first-run wizard in six easy steps.

The main interface of the application acts as a folder browser. You can navigate your computer from the left side panel and each folder you click on that has images will display them on the right. Depending on your settings, the application might not create thumbnails on its own and might ask you whenever you want to create them. The process might take quite a bit of time for folders with a lot of images and you will not be able to do anything else while the thumbnails are being made.

You can either double click on any image to open it or right click to get a huge context menu with a load of options. You can add filters, correct the colours, crop the images, merge them together and a lot more. Almost all of the utilities can be found in the context menu but can also be accessed from the Image menu at the top. Each editing feature has its own window with an abundance of settings and options. You can even preview the pictures before you finalize the various filters and effects and they appear in real time. The only bad thing is that the windows are sometimes cluttered due to the amount of options and not all of them can be resized.

Finally, if you ever find yourself confused with some of the features, rolling your mouse over them usually reveals some information about them, especially regarding the filters. However, you can also use the Help icon to gain access to both the Support and the help files of the application that help immensely, as does the integrated tutorial.


-Fast installation
-A ton of filters, effects and utilities
-Various browsing modes
-Easy to use but hard to master


-Some aspects are confusing


AMC Graphic Workshop Pro is a decent enough image editing suite, especially for its price. Although the interface is clunky sometimes, the amount of features makes up for that.