AMCap: Video capturing with ease

As the developers like to point out, AMCap is a very small yet powerful video capturing utility that is compatible with DirectShow and has a host of extra features in its custom interface. The demo version comes with some limitations.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is probably the easiest part of the program, providing very few options and no real challenge for anyone. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8x.


If you need any proof that the application works right off the bat, you simply have to run it once. The program will start showing you what is happening in front of your webcam immediately, provided you have one of course. You can quickly shut this feature off via the Options menu though, so it is not a big deal.

It is pretty obvious that AMCap puts a lot of emphasis into being flexible and functional. Most people will probably use it just to capture simple video clips and the program makes that incredibly easy. Your recording devices can be selected through the Devices menu, giving you full control over what happens. For example, you might want to capture video without sound or capture video from specific webcams. No configuration is needed as the program picks everything up automatically and just gives you the power of choice.

Speaking of choice, the program truly caters to a lot of people. Although I already said that a lot of users will only take advantage of the basic features, people that want more out of their video captures can definitely get it from here. Tons of options and customization settings can be found in the menus and their respective windows. Technical knowledge will be required for most things there but that is to be expected.

This is precisely what the developer means by “small yet fully functional”. It is pretty much as flexible as it could get, as it allows you to either quickly capture something out of your webcam and microphone or allow you to spend hours customizing every little aspect of the program before, during and after the capturing. It might sound like a simple thing but considering the fact that there is only one developer and that he has taken the time to cater to the needs of his fans says a lot here.


-Succeeds at pleasing everyone
-Fully flexible
-Tiny utility, meaning a fast installation and few resources taken


-Lacks polish in some interface aspects


AMCap should cover your needs regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional that wants to capture video and audio. Customization and functionality are two main spots that the program really shines in.