Aml Pages: A personal note organizer

Aml Pages is a shareware application that will let you create edit and manage notes of all kinds in various formats. It sets itself apart from other “sticky note” applications by offering a very in-depth management system. The free trial runs for 40 days without restrictions.

Installation & Requirements

The setup for the program should completely very fast even on very low end machines. The installation is quite simple, offering the usual options of shortcuts and the like. At the end of the setup you will also be able to visit a web page that will allow you to quickly join Aml Pages’s social media circles. The supported operating systems are Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


The one thing that becomes immediately apparent when looking at Aml Pages is that it is not a simple note-taking program. Although the interface is relatively simple, it provides tons of different options that have to actually be explained because they are so many. The program has two modes. The first is the editing interface where you will be able to interact with the program. The other is a simple notepad icon that floats around your desktop. Double clicking on that will hide the application’s window, making it very handy if you multitask. In addition, right clicking on it will give you a lot of options to quickly interact with the program.

There is a myriad of different tools available in the application. By default, the program has a demo document available that will show you a sample of what your notes can look like. You can create a very complex infrastructure of notes and nodes that will let you organize your projects and your ideas in a single package. Of course, apart from all the complex things you can do with the program, it also offers some very basic utilities like desktop sticky notes. All the features work together to create a viable platform for all of your notes.

This is highlighted by the amount of tools and plugins that the application offers. Even though the interface is kind of dated, its functionality is actually very modern ad can integrate itself into modern services very easily. For example, you can download a plugin that will let you synchronize everything with the popular cloud storage service of Dropbox. Furthermore, you can highlight text at virtually any program and capture it with the program using a predefined hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 by default). The help documents are also immensely useful into showing you all of those different features and explaining them thoroughly.


-Fast installation
-Multiple running modes
-Tons of different options
-An incredible array of tools at your disposal
-Fantastic plugins that enhance the experience


-Steep price


Aml Pages is certainly one of the best note management programs in the market right now. The sheer amount of tools, utilities and customization options it provides are simply incredible and should not be missed by anyone who is even remotely interested in trying the program out.