Analyze software Eulas with ease, almost without reading

Cezar Renta

As computer users, we were faced at least once to manually install at least one software program into our home/work computers. The funny part is that most of us, didn’t ever read the software’s EULA (End-User License Agreement), clicking the “I agree” button faster than lightning. I don’t blame us, the software EULAs are very long and boring, but there is a solution, a virtual assitant that reads the EULAs for us.

EULAlyzer will parse the selected EULAs and analyzes the text, showing us points of interest or paragraphs sorted by level of interest.  EULAlyzer is easy to install and welcomes you with a wizard that helps you configure and prepare the software. Using its main interface you can of course scan EULAs, view reports, view previous reports or perform updates. EULAlyzer comes in 2 flavors, the Personal Edition free of charge and the Pro edition, priced at $19.99,allowing automatic updates and scans.

Download EULAlyzer free from our software archive.