Android and iOS users are getting a new Bing Rewards experience

Microsoft really likes to cover all the bases when it comes to making its services popular on rival platforms. The Bing team redesigned the entire Bing Rewards experience for iOS and Android making it easier to achieve Rewards and redeem credits in your smartphone’s browser. The latest features are rolling out as we speak, to mobile users and the Android and iOS Bing Rewards apps.

For those who don’t know Bing Rewards is one of Microsoft’s many attempts to drive more users towards their search engine. Available for US only, this is a rather classic loyalty program, that allows you to earn points by performing common browser related tasks which involve Bing of course. These points can be used in various ways, specifically to redeem discounts and gift cards, enter sweepstakes and even donate them to schools.

Bing Rewards - Redeem credits

Besides simply using the search engine, Bing now suggests personalized experiences and rewards, in the hopes that users will earn points doing stuff they love and use them in a similar manner.

Also, the latest update simplifies the process of redeeming credits as all you need to do is select the gift card and confirm your email address. If you haven’t joined Bing Rewards yet, you can do so from here.

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