Anti Tracks Free Edition: Wipes all your digital tracks, protecting your privacy

As long as you use your computer, private information such as temporary files, documents and download history and browser cookies will get stored. Getting rid of it all manually can prove to be a daunting experience, to say the least.

Useful for both optimization and privacy purposes, Anti Tracks Free Edition is a highly capable application that can permanently delete all sorts of data left behind user activity, such as temporary internet files, recent documents history, third-party application usage history and the list goes on.

Installation & Requirements

After a speedy, standard installation, Anti Tracks offers a 5-step Wizard for users to configure their copy of the program. Users will be able to perform a basic configuration for the program, related to what tracks will be erased from the default web browser, Windows and select plugins to erase tracks left by third-party applications.

The program comes in both paid and free versions, with a few differences concerning the features included. Anti Tracks Free Edition lacks the IP Concealer feature and it only benefits from forum support. In this review we are analyzing the capabilities of Anti Tracks Free Edition.

The program runs on Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7 and it’s minimum system requirements are very accessible, even for older computers: Pentium CPU, 64 MB of RAM and 20 MB of free hard disk space.


Anti Tracks boasts an interface with a polished, clean design, all of its features being organized under 6 main categories. The first menu, Track Eraser offers two options: the File Shredder, which lets you securely erase any files or folders and the Track Eraser. This option will erase any items that have been selected during the 5-step Wizard configuration. Even so, users can change those options under the Settings menu, which also includes a few extra ones such as the possibility of cleaning junk mail from selected mail clients and advanced settings for the algorithm that will be used to perform the permanent deletion.

The second category, Disk Cleaner, offers all the tools needed to find and delete any sensitive or useless files stored on your computer, from junk files and duplicate files to shortcuts and empty folders. It even offers a Disk Wiper option that lets you securely delete any partition using any of the powerful algorithms offered in the Settings pane.

The Data Concealing menu offers a function for hiding files and folders and a Passwords Wallet, where you can securely store passwords. The Passwords Wallet also includes a password generator and users can set an expiration date for any of the added entries that will remind them to change their passwords regularly.

The Spam Eliminator option lets users create disposable emails that can be used for a limited period of time and avoid the spam they would receive on a permanent e-mail address. In Anti Tracks Free Edition, the Track Concealing menu offers only the Panic Key option, the IP Concealer being available only in the commercial version of the program. The Panic Key lets you set hotkeys for groups of documents, applications and other files so when it is pressed all the items included in the group will disappear from the screen, along with any evidence of their usage.

In the Tools section, users get a handful of extra options, including an uninstaller, a space analyzer, a startup manager and the possibility to manage system and Disk Cleaner backups.


– Easy installation and Wizard-based configuration.
– Clean, intuitive interface with well-organized features and options.
– Track cleaning for web browsers, operating system and third-party applications (via plugins).
– Cleaning tools for junk files, duplicate files, empty folders and shortcuts.
– Includes tools for disk wiping and secure deletion.
– Passwords Wallet with advanced options.


– None worth mentioning.


Anti Tracks Free Edition has a massive amount of features and tools that let you maintain your privacy. Even so, it is surprisingly easy to use, thanks to the program’s intuitive layout. While PC optimization is not the primary purpose of this tool, through its extensive cleaning capabilities it is also very suitable for this task.