Any Video Converter: “Any” is right

Without shadow of a doubt the number of multimedia file types is currently so large that it’s somewhat hard to keep track of them all. We have dozens of audio and video file types designed for tons of platforms and devices, from PCs to Macs, Smartphones and iPods.

The worst part is that some of these file types are incompatible with certain devices, so we often end up with a headache by trying to organize our multimedia archive and convert files so that we can transfer them onto our desired platform. In a nutshell, dealing with so many multimedia file types can simply turn into a mess and we usually end up wishing there weren’t so many of them.

There’s still hope for us though, as powerful and flexible programs emerge, designed to make our life easier by presenting a huge list of compatible multimedia files and a strong converter. Such is the case with Any Video Converter, a tool which truly deserves its name.

Any Video Converter – output file types

Any Video Converter or AVC for short is fully compatible with dozens of video file formats and is able to convert almost any type of file into another with ease and speed.

The AVC installation process is a breeze and it comes as clean as it can be, except for the fact that you will be prompted if you wish to install SpeechGrid, a small software which enables you to donate idle processing power for a developer that focuses on creating speech recognition programs.

AVC is a freeware program which supports both the Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Win 7) and Mac (Intel and PPC) platforms.


The user interface is one of the obvious high-points packed within AVC, the program in question offering a clean user interface with a cool design and a high level of accessibility.

To sum up the experience of using AVC as a newcomer: you simply cannot miss the key features and all important aspects of this application are placed conveniently at our fingertips, such as Add video, Download and Convert in the form of easy noticeable buttons. Speaking of which, I believe that the Add video and Convert buttons are in no need of an introduction, but one feature worth mentioning is the fact that the Download button will enable the user to insert a YouTube URL, (or any other video sharing site for that matter) and download videos directly from the respective site at a pretty fast speed.

On the right side of the user interface resides a small media player for previewing purposes, information regarding the selected file and a button which will bring up the list of supported output file formats, starting with mp4 and going down through Flash, DVD on both PAL and NTSC, and a whole bunch of other video and audio output file types.

The AVC user interface also offers about 21 language packs to choose from, a feature which is always welcomed.


– Brilliant user interface designed with both “ease of access” and “eye-candy” in mind
– Tons of supported video file formats
– Wide selection of languages
– Freeware


– None worth mentioning


There are quite a few interesting alternatives to AVC to be found on the market, each of them bringing slightly different features to the table.

HandBrake is one of the most popular video conversion programs out there, presenting a decent looking user interface, a good selection of features but most of all, a great video compression method which makes this program a valuable asset despite the fact that it does not manage to support as many video file types as AVC. HandBrake comes as a freeware program for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms altogether.

Avidemux could easily be an AVC alternative for those who are looking for a dose of video editing capability on the side. Avidemux offers a fair video converter, but focuses more on the editing aspect by offering features such as cutting, filtering, color equalizer and more. It comes as a freeware for Windows Mac and Linux operating systems.


Compared to other similar programs, it’s no doubt that Any Video Convertor doesn’t offer the same wide range of features, instead it focuses more on video converting capabilities. Overall, AVC is a program designed to meet the expectations of those who are looking specifically for a utility that can handle and convert a wide array of video file types.