AnyBackup: Backup your volumes

AnyBackup is a completely free, open source application that allows the user to back up their volumes into smaller partitions, making for efficient handling of large volumes.

Installation & Requirements

There are pretty much no options during the installation so clicking Next will allow you to finish it very fast. Unfortunately, at least in my case, no shortcuts were created and as there is no option for that during the setup process, one will have to go into the installation path (usually in Program Files) to find the application’s executable and run it. The supported operating systems are Windows 7 and 8x.


After the admittedly annoying process of launching the application through its installation folder, seeing AnyBackup’s interface was a surprise albeit a pleasant one this time around. It is quite rare for back up programs to pay attention to UI details, mostly because they are also rarely used by an audience that cares about such things. The program’s interface is quite immaculate, both in the various tabs of windows that make up the main interface and the buttons that sit at the very top.

As the developer suggests, the application is also quite straightforward in how it works. Simple backups can be performed extremely fast while more elegant queries need some time commitment from the user. AnyBackup’s processes can be as easy or complex as you make them which is always great to see. The good thing is that there are a ton of different options here, allowing the user to back up files from specific locations with specific names and specific extensions, catering the experience to whatever needs they may have at that point.

Even though there is a fairly large focus on customization, there are pretty much no automation utilities in the application so all the processes need to be started manually by the user. This is mostly because the application is catered to home users that want to back up their data locally although you can obviously also set a cloud location in your computer if that is what you would prefer. And if you ever run into any issues with finding a particular file, the application offers a brilliant search feature that will let you find pretty much anything you are looking for in your potentially huge pile of files and directories.


-Elegant UI with a clean touch
-Can be employed by users in both ends of the experience spectrum
-Very fast backing up process
-Useful search feature


-Some minor annoyances


AnyBackup offers quite a lot of features to convince you that it might just be the backup application that you have been looking for. A clean design combined with a decent selection of tools makes this a great choice for anyone.

User Interface
Ease of Use