This app lets you easily manage default apps on Android

Like any respectable operating system, Android lets you choose a default app for pretty much any task. However, using its built-in settings is a bit cumbersome so we would like to recommend you a different way to manage default apps on Android.

Default App Manager Lite makes default app management a breeze and lets you easily select new apps as your daily drivers, among other things. Instead of diving into Android’s settings every time you want to add or replace a default app, you can do all of that in Default App Manager Lite, and it’s much faster too.

How to manage default apps on Android with Default App Manager Lite

All you need to do is download the free app from the Play Store (link below). It should work well on any device running Android 4.0.3 and newer.

Install Default App Manager Lite for free (Google Play)

manage default apps on Android

After the installation is complete, launch Default App Manager Lite and you will see a list of essential app categories and the current defaults. You can tap on any of them to choose a default app, or change the existing one.

manage default apps on Android

In the All Defaults tab, you can see all the default app associations, and you can remove any item by tapping on the ‘Clear‘ option. However, you can do the same when you select an app from the main screen, as in its dedicated window you are able to clear the current default and/or set a new one.

Default App Manager Lite supports a large number of app categories, and it also displays the apps that can be used for each of these actions so you can easily decide which one you want as your default.

As you can see, the app makes it very easy to manage default apps on Android, as you will need to perform fewer taps than by jumping in the system settings.

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