AppChat has chat rooms for all your Android apps where you can talk to other users

AppChat is an interesting Android app, developed by Larva Labs that lets you enter chat rooms for each of your installed apps where you can talk only to people who have them installed as well.

The idea certainly has potential: it offers a fast way to connect to users of a certain app or game so you can ask for help if you’re experiencing problems, or simply rant about broken features and whatnot.

Appchat chat rooms

Moreover, developers can also join their app’s chat room and distinguish themselves from regular users with a verified badge. Other people can mention them using @dev – it’s certainly an easy way to connect with a developer or just share your feedback.

Appchat - app chat room

The app also has chat rooms for devices from popular manufacturers like LG, Nexus, Samsung and others. Another interesting feature AppChat offers is if you take a screenshot of a certain app, it will be automatically recognized and you can choose to upload it to the related chat. A quick shortcut to access AppChat is to swipe in from the bottom of the screen while in a specific app and you’ll immediately jump in its chat room.

Appchat profile

It can be used both for entertainment or to get help with a certain app or game. In theory, this sounds quite handy but the truth is, only some chat rooms for popular titles are active and many others are quite dead at the moment.

With that said, AppChat is still in beta, and needs more users to populate those chat rooms. Give it a try, who knows maybe you’ll connect with some like-minded people. Either way, do come back and tell us what you like/dislike about the app. Share your experience with us in the comments section or leave us a message on FacebookTwitter or Google+.

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