How To: Apply A Screen Protector Properly For Smartphones And Tablets

How to apply a screen protector perfectly on your smartphone or tablet

If you own a smart phone or tablet or have ever owned one, you probably know how susceptible they are to scratches, blemishes, and just all around wear and tear. Because these fragile little devices are so prone to get beat up rather quickly, it’s generally a good idea to do what you can to protect them. Giving your phone a sturdy case is a good start and a good way to keep the overall functionality of your device stable, but screen protectors add that extra layer of protection keeping your devices screen in excellent condition.

Part of the issue with these screen protectors is the challenge of properly applying the protector to your device without allowing dust to get trapped between screen and protector, annoying and distracting bubbles, as well as other blemishes. Thanks to one of the senior members on the xda developer forums, we have a excellent guide to applying that screen protector perfectly to your device.

DSCN3708You’ll just need a few things to follow along with this guide, most being items that you probably already have lying around.

  • Scotch tape, which is an excellent tool for removing all that dirt and grim that our devices collect.
  • Some painter’s tape or some low-tack tape similar to it.
  • Cleaning solution such as Windex or eye-glass cleaner.
  • Lint free cleaning cloth either felt or microfiber.
  • A clean and well let work area.

The great thing about this guide is that it provides excellent tips to adding a screen protector in different ways. Each step is just additional measures to take to ensure your screen protector gets added properly and without blemishes. The guide is very extensive and provides steps in detail, the author has also been updating the guide giving us up-to date techniques.

If you’re planning on adding a screen protector to one of your devices or planning to pick up a new device this holiday season, be sure to protect your device and check this guide out on properly adding that ever so important layer of protection. Follow the link below to view the original thread and let us know what you think, if it’s not in enough detail for you, we can always do a more extensive guide for you here at PocketMeta.

Link: Guide: Perfect Screen Protector Installation Technique