’s Netcut-Defender: Keep your network safe and snappy

A common problem among tools that protect a user’s internet connection is that they are painfully slow some times.’s Netcut-Defender, however, can both protect your connection and make it faster at the same time.

Installation & Requirements

The program’s setup is very straightforward and simply has you choose the destination folder and the desktop shortcut.

However, you need to keep in mind that after the Netcut-Defender installation is over, it will prompt you to install WinPcap as well. It is simply a tool required for the main program to run and you need to install it otherwise the Defender will not work. Supported operating systems are Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7 in both 32 and 64 bit.


The amazing thing about’s Netcut-Defender is that you do not need to do anything in order for it to operate. Simply start the program and you will see a list of your network adapters, whether they are connected or not. It will also provide you with IP and MAC address details for each one as well as their corresponding speeds. Furthermore, you can even check the actual speed of each connection by clicking on the “Test Internet” button which will in turn redirect you to the company’s website for a quick and easy speed test. The connected adapters will be automatically protected. You can check their current status in the “Protected” and “Connected” columns of the interface. If for whatever reason you wish to stop the protection simply click on the adapter you want and then click on the “Stop Protect” button. You might also choose to reload the process in case something stops working.

The major protection the program offers is from ARP spoofing attacks, meaning that people will highjack your IP address and will also use it to redirect traffic whenever they wish, using your connection as their power source. If that happens, the program will let you know in two ways. First of all, the tray icon will turn red instead of the usual multicolor one. Then, you can find out the address of the attacker by clicking on the “Who cut me?” button of the main interface.


-Easily the quickest and most simple application to protect yourself as no technical knowledge is required
-The application does all the work for the user while also informing them on each and every detail they would need
-Even though it is free, it does everything it says without any further pay walls


-A large part of the interface is cluttered with share icons
-Could use some more options although it does everything it states


If you want to protect yourself from IP attacks but you are not willing to sacrifice the comfort of your internet connection’s speed, you should not worry.’s Netcut-Defender drains absolutely no resources while still making your browsing safe and your adapter protected to malicious users.