Arcanox: Cards Vs Castles Tips and Tricks

We just reviewed a great card battler and tower defense game Arcanox: Cards vs Castles [Android, iOS TBR in Summer], which combines great single and multiplayer modes and lets you raid other players’ castles. It is a fun and addicting MMO, well-balanced and good-looking. We have compiled a short list of tips and tricks for the beginning castle constructors to make the initial stages easy for you.

Snoop on the Leaders

If you tap the Globe icon and go to the Leaderboard, you will be able to sort it according to the experience, stolen gold and achievements. There is a ‘watch’ button next to every player, so you can take a sneak peek on the other player’s traps and guards, as well as see what the game has in store for you once you reach higher levels.

 Scout the reviews for the friend codes

Some upgrades that cost money may be redeemed with a friend code, and there appear more and more players sharing theirs in the feedback section of the play store.


You can play without paying, but if you wish to pay, spend the money on a better card deck – the rest can be achieved by playing and grinding while building a stronger deck is the most time-consuming process.

 Building a Deck

Arcanox (69)It is always good to have different minions and spells in your deck since each card type has its strong and weak spots. The witches attack from the distance while the warriors, knights and goblins launch at the opponent. The witches are good against the dragons, but they won’t handle a dragon without the support of a brute force, since they have little life bars, and a healing card is always a welcome support. Besides, goblins have more health, so they are perfect to be on the front line. I have found that the perfect line against a dragon would be a goblin, warrior, knight and then a witch combination.

Upgrade Libraries

Arcanox (33)

Do not ignore the Libraries since upgrading them will add a few more slots to your active deck, and you will have more active cards to battle with.

Use the Single Player Mode to Get Some Easy Gold

Arcanox (62)

At the early stages of the game, it might be a good strategy to play as much as you like against the AI in the single-player mode to grind for easy gold and rubies, harnessing achievements and beefing up your fortress before you join the multiplayer fest.

Get the Gold First

Arcanox (8)

When attacking a very strong fortress, go for the floor that has more gold. Yes, you want to clear all the floors and get a ruby, but sometimes you are just not strong enough, so get the cash first.

Save a Card for the Emergency Cases

Arcanox (26)

When you have started a fight, leave a card in your hand just in case the last man standing on the field dies seconds before slaying a dragon. There might be hidden traps and guards, so you may expect extra damage to your fighters.

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