Arial Sound Recorder: Record sound from your PC

Arial Sound Recorder is a powerful sound recording application that will let you record audio from your computer’s microphone into a variety of file formats.

Installation & Requirements

The installer is quite basic but you will have the option to create desktop and Quick Launch shortcuts as well as the option to open the readme file after the setup is over. The application supports all versions of Windows from 95 and later.


Although the application caters to such a vast array of Windows versions, the interface still looks good. It is a bit outdated but it is very clean and neatly presented with the toolbar and the icons strategically placed so that they do not obscure the view of the working environment. The main interface is divided into four tabs, each with its own function in regards to the recording and configuring the audio files. The only things they have in common are the recording controls in the bottom of the window and the toolbar at the top.

The first tab is really an equalizer. You can choose from a selection of six of them and customize them by changing the FFTArraySize and the FFTWindowType. The equalizer works both when you are recording and when you are playing back the audio files you have previously recorded. It should be noted that the trial version offers up to 60 seconds of recording for each session so if you want more than that you will have to purchase a full license. When you want to play an audio file you can also use the Equalizer if you are a more advanced user so that you get the most out of your listening experience.

Before you start recording you should visit both the Options menu and the Recording Controls tab. Both of those will help enhance your experience by letting you choose the exact volume you want as well as the output file format which can be MP3, WAV and WMA. When the recording is done you will be automatically taken to the File Info tab where you will be able to set tags for your files as you would with any other audio file in your computer. These tags only work for files you have recorded with the software and not your other audio files.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface
-Extremely easy to use
-A decent amount of customization options


-Somewhat limited in features


If you are looking for a very simple application that will let you record audio then Arial Sound Recorder is definitely one. However, if you want more options in your recording then you might find yourself disappointed.