Arovax SmartHide: Surf anonymously

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Internet restrictions, privacy issues and more are all valid concerns and Arovax SmartHide aims to address them via a simple interface. The trial goes for 7 days with some restrictions.

Installation & Requirements

During the setup you will need an active internet connection because you will need to insert your name and your e-mail in order to register for the free trial. You will have to choose the free trial version as an option beforehand. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista and 7.


As it stands, the free trial version has quite a few limitations. The home screen only allows you to select the free trial server. In my experience, that server is based in the US and is quite slow but the paid version has a lot more servers in a wider variety of countries. The Home tab also allows you to change the settings of the application. Most of the options found in the Settings menu are restricted to paying users though so do not expect too much. For those that are using the paid version, you will be able to connect to servers automatically, reconnect whenever there is an issue and add websites to a visibility list. The program will also be able to change servers automatically if your current one goes down which is always nice.

The rest of the application is divided into three tabs: Log, Help and Info. The first one will show you basic information about what is happening with the program, like when you connect, what your server is and whether there are any issues with your connection to them. The Help tab is a compilation of links to the Support, Community and About page. The first one is actually very useful as you can find the knowledge base with several items that should answer any questions you might have. On the other hand, the community is largely irrelevant right now as the users are not active on the forums. The Info tab will simply give you details about the application like your license type, your account creation date and the release version along with the latest piece of news from the product’s website.

Overall, the application is nothing spectacular as it simply does what it says: provide you with servers to hide your real IP address. To be fair, the developers are not trying to do anything else here as it is obvious that they strived for simplicity. Logging in the program and finding a server to connect to is extremely easy and can be automated anyway. If you set the application to start with Windows, your IP address will be constantly protected without any intervention from you.


-Simple to use
-Various servers in the paid version
-Well-made support pages


-Very basic
-Only one server in the trial version
-Requires your e-mail address


SmartHide provides very simple IP address protection and in that it succeeds. If you are looking for something with more options or additional features, however, you will be sorely disappointed by the lack of them.