ArtMoney: Personal game hacker

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Although cheating in multiplayer games is and should be frowned upon, doing it in single-player ones can help in a difficult situation. The developers behind ArtMoney know that very well and want to provide you with an easy way of hacking your game and breezing through it.

Installation & Requirements

After you run the installer, the setup will provide you with a few options like choosing file associations for the program and creating shortcuts for users in your computer. The installation itself is very fast, even on lower end computers. The program supports all versions of Windows from 200 and later as well as Windows Servers 2003 and later.


It is safe to say that if you were looking for a program that would do everything for you, you have come to the wrong place. ArtMoney is definitely not designed to fit the needs of the casual user. At first glance, the interface looks a bit simple, providing all of the available options in buttons that are scattered around the top and bottom of the interface. Those buttons, along with the top side menu, are all you will really need.

Although opening and seeing the utilities of the application is easy, making use of them is not. When you load up a game process in the application, you will have to know things about game values, address ranges and more. You can easily search for all that through the game but identifying them is the tricky part. There are obviously tons of different values in a game and finding the ones you want is hard if you do not know where to look.

Even when you do find those values, modifying them is tricky. To be fair, the application does not try to hide just how hard it is. For example, opening the Help contents reveals tons of entries that touch on a wide variety of subjects and you can also find a lot more tutorials in the Internet. Now this can be interpreted any way you want but ArtMoney is one of the most versatile cheating programs you could ever hope to find. There are loads of other ways to cheat on games like trainers but ArtMoney will let anyone do whatever they want in any game.

It is a strange thing then that the best thing about the application is also the worst one. If you hope to do anything noteworthy with the program, you will need to spend a decent amount of time just learning how to work with it.


-Can cheat any game
-Custom values for pretty much everything
-Simplistic design


-Definitely intimidating for newcomers
-Steep learning curve


ArtMoney is one of the most complete game cheating engines in the market. If you are willing to invest a fair chunk of time into it, you will be able to cheat and hack your way through any game.