Ashampoo Burning Studio Advanced Free: Burn discs easily

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Ashampoo Burning Studio Advanced Free wants to differentiate itself from the rest of its ilk by providing a powerful but very easy to use utility for all of your disc burning needs. The application is completely free but requires e-mail activation after a 10-day trial period.

Installation & Requirements

The product’s installer is very well designed and allows you to choose between custom and express installation modes. After the setup is over, you can choose to immediately launch the application. Whatever you do, you will also be redirected to the activation page via your default browser but you can skip that step. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Ashampoo has always been known for creating beautiful interfaces and their Burning Studio is no different. Not only that but, as the developers have claimed, the application is extremely easy to use. All of the program’s options are neatly placed in the left sidebar and that is where all the magic happens. Every utility has its very own interface but this neat little sidebar is what makes the application so incredibly easy to use.

To start working on a utility, the only thing you have to do is click on it from the sidebar, select a specific mode and that is it. You will be redirected to another window inside the application’s main one to continue working with the feature you have selected. Getting back to the main interface is as simple as clicking on the “Back” button in the bottom. Although the utilities have their own interfaces, most of them share a basic structure so once you have used one of them, you will have no problem using them all.

And even then, learning to use the first utility is just so simple. Whether you want to burn your favorite multimedia files or backup your very important files and folders, the only thing you have to do is insert them into the utility and click on Next. Of course, you can configure some of the more advanced settings but leaving everything at default works just as fine. Drag and drop is fully supported so everything is seamless. The whole process of choosing what to do and burning a disc should not take more than a couple of minutes for any user, no matter the experience level.

Of course, this is exactly what the developers were aiming for. If you want to keep things simple, the application does everything in its power to fulfill your wish. On the other hand, if you are a more advanced user that wants to configure every little thing, you will have enough options and settings on your hands to appreciate the effort that went into them. Of course, the application does not offer insanely complex settings and configurations because that is simply not the goal. There are tons of other utilities out there that serve that purpose so that this one does not have to.


-Beautiful interface
-So easy to use that it is mind-blowing
-Fast processes
-Tons of different modes and options


-None that would be worth mentioning


Whether you are a burning software veteran or a newbie that is just getting into it, you will find something to like in Ashampoo Burning Studio Advanced Free. Whether it is the amazing interface or the actual utilities, you will not want to go back after using this one.