Atomic Time Synchronizer: The most precise clock

Have you ever wondered just how correct the time you have on your computer or your other devices is? Atomic Time Synchronizer’s interaction with atomic clock servers can solve that question for you by providing a clock that is always reliable. A trial version of the program is offered but the full version must be purchased.

Installation & Requirements

The installation for the application is quite fast, owning to the small file size. After the setup, desktop and taskbar shortcuts can be created. The program is available in all versions of Windows from 2000 and later, including Windows Servers 2003 and higher.


To be blunt, there is not much to say about the interface of the application. The main window provides three items: your computer’s time, the remote server’s time and the difference, starting from top to bottom. How often the program checks the difference can be adjusted in the settings menu that I will talk about later. You can manually check the difference by clicking on the “Check” button as many times as you want. The thing to note here is that the application will not automatically adjust the time, even if it is different. It will simply inform you about the exact difference that the two clocks have and leave it up to you. If you want to fix the difference, you can simply press the Adjust button and let the application do its thing.

The only other button you will find in the program is the Options one. From there you can actually change your language, read the Help manual, enter the settings and even uninstall the app. Although Atomic Time Synchronizer is very easy to configure, the help manual should solve any questions you might have, especially since it will guide you with pictures in each section. As far as settings go, you can configure a different time server, set the sync time intervals, change the time display mode from Local time to UTC/GMT time and set the application to work as a time server. If you have a question about a specific setting, you can click on the question mark icon at the top right and then click on the setting that bothers you. The application will display a tooltip with a brief description of the setting. If you still have questions, the Help manual I mentioned earlier will definitely cover it.


-Very easy and fast installation
-Basic but customizable interface
-Very simple to use


-Steep price for the full version
-Could use additional clocks


If you want to be as precise as possible and never have to wonder about the correct time again, Atomic Time Synchronizer would be the app for you. The price of the full version will probably deter most people but at least you can use the trial one to see what you will get.