ATTO Disk Benchmark: Find out the performance of your storage systems

The ATTO Disk Benchmark utility was designed specifically to measure and compare the performance of your various storage devices with a variety of options to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Installation & Requirements

No installation is required to operate the application. Simply download and extract to a folder of your choice and run the exe file. The supported operating systems are Windows XP through 8.


Even though the interface is quite clean, it is loaded with features that inexperienced users will probably have a hard time understanding. Technical knowledge of storage systems and the way they operate is required in order to get the most out of the program. However, it is easy to use for everyone. Various dropdown lists provide users with loads of different options for the devices they want to test. Except from choosing whatever drive you want to test, you can also set the transfer size and the total length that you want to test the system in. Moreover, you have various options regarding the input/output modes you want to choose. Lastly, you can take notes on whatever test you are having as well as save and print them for later use. That way, you can keep track of your results overtime and compare them with other users which is especially helpful in a network.

The test and the results are progressed in real time and you can see them in the lower graph. The graph is very easy to comprehend, with the “Write” and “Read” test results being drawn in different colours. Detailed information about the transfer sizes, the test patterns and the total length is all handily available to you in the simple but comprehensive graph. A comparison mode will also let you check the storage systems for any errors and will inform you at the end of the results with a list. If there are no errors found it will simply state so in a pop up window. If you are having trouble reading the results, keep in mind the way the benchmarking works. It simply tests the writing and reading speed of the storage devices by force writing and reading files of various sizes inside the storage system.


-Fast testing accompanied by a comprehensive results list lets more experienced users test and compare their systems extensively
-Various modes provide for much customization that will wield more concrete results as time passes and the user acquires a better understanding of the software
-The ability to save and print the results is very helpful


– Technical language and detailed results will be hard to understand by users who are less experienced in benchmarking


Even though it is aimed at the more knowledgeable users, ATTO Disk Benchmarking is a fantastic tool. The results it provides are very accurate and the large variety of options and modes will ensure that everyone can use it for their own purposes.