Auslogics BoostSpeed: Get your PC into high gear

Downloading and deleting files or copying them from external storage devices, installing/uninstalling applications and other related activities, are common tasks for any average computer user. What you might not realize is that all of these actions have an impact on your system’s overall performance, whether it’s hard drive fragmentation, broken shortcuts, registry errors or more common stuff such as occupying valuable storage space with duplicate files or unused programs.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a maintenance and optimization utility developed with all of the above problems in mind (and many others) to get your computer in excellent shape so you’ll never have to experience system slow-downs or crashes again.

Auslogics BoostSpeed Scan Process

Installation & Requirements

Since Auslogics BoostSpeed promises to enhance system performance it’s only natural for the install process to be lighting fast. There is only one problem: you will have to face an adware window, when the installer of Babylon attempts to deploy. Babylon is a world translator that comes as an independent application so as long as you are in no need of such a tool, I suggest you press the “Decline” button.

As soon as you are done with Babylon, Auslogics BoostSpeed is functional in just a couple of seconds, a good proof that this application is lightweight along with its 8 MB installer. Our software in question is a Windows-only app and works on 32 and 64-bit versions of XP, 2008, Vista and 7. Hardware requirements are lower than for any of the above operating systems: you’ll need 50 MB free hard disk space and at least 256 MB of RAM.


There is more than one way to organize an interface in an accessible and appealing manner, but surely one of those ways is reflected in BoostSpeed’s appearance. The tabbed layout is divided into four categories, dedicated for System Scan, System Advisor, Resource Usage and Advanced Tools.

The System Scan function allows you to analyze your computer and quickly fix all detected issues; the System Advisor automatically verifies your system’s settings and provides recommendations on how to optimize them; in the Resource Usage pane you can see real-time monitoring graphics for processor, memory, hard disk and network usage.

The Advanced Tools lists all the functions of the program so you can access and use them individually. The trial version allows you to use the Disk Maintenance, Free Up Space, Software Control and System Tweaks, while the Disaster Recovery, Registry Maintenance, System Status, Privacy and Speed Up Internet are disabled. Sadly this can make the decision process harder for many users when testing this product

Even at first use, the interface of Auslogics Boostspeed is highly intuitive and very easy to use, which is truly great because even non-technical users need to maintain and clean their computers.


– Small application with low memory footprint.

– The System Advisor delivers valuable suggestions on how to increase the system performance.

– Excellent set of tools for hard disk maintenance (cleanup, defragmentation and repair).

– The 1-click Scan quickly analyzes your system and fixes common problems such as junk files, hard disk fragmentation and registry errors.

– Intuitive and friendly interface that’s easy to use for anyone and doesn’t require any prior knowledge.


– The program setup involves adware.

– There is no automatic maintenance function.

– The problem fixing ability is limited and various other tools are disabled in the trial version.


We couldn’t help notice the striking resemblance between the appearances of Auslogics BoostSpeed and AVG PC Tuneup. Their interfaces and features are very similar and based on the seamless integration of AVG PC Tuneup into their security software suites you might like this alternative better if you’re already an AVG customer.

TuneUp Utilities is a commercial PC maintenance and optimization application that features a more advanced and complex set of tools and settings than Auslogics BoostSpeed. Nonetheless, if you only want something simple this is not the logical choice.

Piriform’s CCleaner is one of the most popular system maintenance programs marked as freeware for home and non-commercial use. CCleaner is mostly appreciated for its highly configurable cleaning abilities and a number of system related tools, but doesn’t really have what it takes to perform a thorough analysis concerning system optimization.


Auslogics BoostSpeed is a jack-of-all-trades for system optimization and maintenance with no obvious specialization in any area. If you want only the most advanced features available on the market you’ll probably going to have to install a whole bunch of applications. We think that using this intuitive and versatile application surely beats having separate programs for each of the tools that Auslogics BoostSpeed offers.