Auslogics File Recovery: Recover your files

Accidentally deleting your files is awful and is usually be followed by long sessions of stress. So is not being able to erase sensitive data from your computer. Auslogics File Recovery makes both of these things possible in one simple package.

Installation & Requirements

The setup does not offer a lot of options other than creating a few shortcuts after you agree to the license agreement. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7 and 8.


Using the application is extremely simple. In the main interface window you have the main feature of the application the file recovery tool. First of all, you need to select the drive you want to scan or other locations like the Recycle Bin. Then, you can immediately start the scanning process by clicking on the Search button or customize the process. When you have chosen your options for each window, clicking on the Next button will take you to the next customization screen. The good thing is that you will be able to start the scanning whenever you want as the Search button is always there. In addition to that, the customization options ensure that the scan will be as thorough or as light as you want it to be, depending on whether you know information about the file you want to retrieve or not.

If the scanning is unsuccessful, you will be prompted to do a deeper scan which will take longer but will be more thorough. If it is successful, you will be taken to the next screen where you can view detailed information about the files and their current state. Keep in mind that some files might be unrecoverable but the application will let you know. When you ready to recover your files, simply check their boxes and the Recover Selected option will appear which will do exactly what it says.

Apart from the recovery utility, the application offers some extra tools for your files.  The Free Space Wiper will permanently eliminate the files you have already deleted so that no conventional recovery tool will be able to retrieve them. The utility will not touch existing files so do not worry about it. For that, you will need the File Shredder that will permanently erase files you insert in it. The third utility allows you to create a virtual image of your hard drive, a mirror copy that contains each piece of information on it so that you can use it as a backup. Finally, you can search for lost partitions in order to retrieve files from them, a process that would otherwise be unavailable.


-Fast installation
-Fast but reliable recovery utility
-Extremely helpful extra tools
-Very easy to use


-None that would be worth mentioning


Auslogics File Recovery is probably one of the most complete file recovery packages in the market, offering a very strong recovery suite along with a lot of extra utilities for extra file protection.