Auto Memory Cleaner is an Android app that automates memory cleanup without killing tasks

If your Android device has memory issues, you’re probably already using some kind of task manager or memory cleaner app. We have another alternative you can try – Auto Memory Cleaner.

This free app uses a different approach to clean the memory of your phone, and improve its speed and performance. Instead of killing tasks, it simply restarts them, which is a friendlier method for your device and more effective as well. Also, the solution will improve the system’s overall speed and prevent memory overflow.

Auto Memory Cleaner - Main

Auto Memory Cleaner runs in the background, automatically performing memory cleanup when the screen turns off. You can also see a list of all running apps and exclude the ones you don’t want to be managed by the app.

Autom Memory Cleaner - Excluded Background apps

Also, Auto Memory Cleaner has a panel dedicated to showing memory related information such as free/used memory and the used/total amount of internal storage, external storage, cache, data and system.

Auto Memory Cleaner - Memory info

This free app is brilliantly simple and does the job, but if you’d like a few more options you can buy the premium version of Auto Memory Cleaner. In this case you’ll also get the option to allow the app to perform memory cleaning when the screen is turned on or set a specific time for the task to be carried out.

Auto Memory Cleaner – Download (Google Play)

All in all, the app works and makes for a valuable system maintenance tool thanks to its ability to restart tasks instead of just killing them. Give it a try and let us know if it made the difference for you. Share your thoughts in the comments section below or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.