How To: Auto-scroll in any app on Android [Root only]

While on the computer we’re using a horizontal layout, on smartphones the vertical orientation of the screen means we usually need to scroll while browsing through the phone’s contents, navigating on the web, or trying to find a particular setting.

A useful new app will ensure you’ll need to scroll much less on your phone, as it enables auto-scroll in any app on Android. The app is called Kinetic Scroll and with it installed, all you need to do is a two-finger swipe, then the rest of the current page will scroll automatically.

And there’s more – the app also makes a three-finger swipe gesture available that lets you get back to the top or bottom of any open page. Just as expected, these functions work in any app.

How to auto-scroll in any app on Android

Kinetic Scroll is available in the Play Store, although your Android device does need to be rooted in order to use it. You can download it from the link below:

Install Kinetic Scroll (Play Store)

auto-scroll in any app on Android
Once it’s finished installing, open the Kinetic Scroll and tap on ‘Start service‘. Tap on ‘Grant‘ in the popup to give it Superuser access.

You can also enable ‘Permanent activation‘ in the app’s main screen if you want the scrolling functions to be enabled all the time.

Some apps come with built-in two and three-finger gestures, in which case conflicts might occur with Kinetic Scroll’s own gesture functions. You can blacklist these apps and disable Kinetic Scroll’s auto-scroll feature in them to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To do this, tap on the + button at the bottom of the main window, then select ‘Go to settings‘. In the list, tap on Kinetic Scroll and on the following screen toggle on the switch then press OK to enable the app’s accessibility plugin.

Now you can return to the main window and tap the + button one more time. Then, you’ll be able to select the apps you want to blacklist in order to prevent any conflicts with Kinetic Scroll’s capabilities. Hit the OK button once you’re happy with your selection. In the main menu, you can select any of the blacklisted apps to customize options for each.

Kinetic Scroll has quite the number of options you can adjust, although just a few of them are available in the free version, and the rest can be unlocked via a $1.99 IAP. We’re going to talk about how you can tweak the free options and to do that you need to tap on the Options menu button (three-dot icon) at the top of the screen and select Settings.

In the Settings menu you can select the ‘Speed of scrolling‘ option to adjust the speed of the automatic scrolling and in the Fingers section, you can select how many fingers need to be used to activate scrolling and leaping.

Now that you’re done configuring Kinetic Scroll you can auto-scroll in any app on Android by performing a swipe with the number of fingers you selected in the Settings menu. The automatic scrolling can be stopped by tapping once on the screen and you can quickly jump back at the top of the page by swiping up with three fingers, or at the bottom by swiping down.

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