Automa tweak stops repeating popup alerts

Dismissing one popup alert is one thing, doing it over and over is something else entirely, and quite annoying. iOS doesn’t remember if you previously dismissed a popup so it will continue to display it when conditions are met.

If you have a jailbroken device you’re in luck – Automa tweak will remember your choice when the popup appeared before and automatically re-selects it the next time it’s displayed.

The tweak basically deals with the popup in your place, based on how you interacted with it. What’s particularly convenient about the Automa tweak is it doesn’t bother you at all.

When a popup appears you can either select one of its available options as usual or tap and hold on it until the Automa menu is displayed. From this menu, you can choose how to deal with that specific popup.

automa tweak

You can set the Automa tweak to remember your choice for the alert – just for that particular app (the “Yes” option), in every app (“Yes, in every app” option), optionally set it to display a banner or you can use the “No” option to make the tweak ignore your interaction with that alert.

If you opt for the banner, the popup will be displayed in it. Lastly, Automa tweak will add a new gesture hat lets you swipe and drag a notification out of the screen to dismiss it, which is pretty convenient might I add.

Automa currently supports all iOS 8 and iOS 9 jailbroken devices and can be downloaded from Cydia for $1.99. If you decide to try it, come back and let us know if it meets your expectations.

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