Automatic USB Backup: Backup, sync and restore data to and from USB storage devices

Backing up data on a USB drive is a very comfortable and simple solution. Even so, a specialized application such as Automatic USB Backup can simplify the task even further and offer many customization options such as creating specific backup tasks for multiple USB drives, backing up data to and from USB device, add password-protection and the list goes on.

Installation & Requirements

Users will have to go to a standard setup to install Automatic USB Backup. The process is quick and the program runs on all versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, also requiring Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


The program creates two shortcuts on the desktop: one for configuring USB drives and another for automated backup of all connected drives. The first one needs to be used whenever you need to create a backup task for a new USB storage device. The “Configure new USB drive” option launches a wizard that will guide users into setting up a new backup task.

After selecting the USB drive, users will be able to choose from several types of actions that will automatically take place when the USB drive is connected to the computer: Backup Local Drive, Backup USB Drive, Synchronize (this action performs both local and USB backups), Restore All (overwrites all files local files with the ones from the USB drive), and Ask me (asks the user which actions should be taken every time the USB drive in question is inserted in the computer).

The wizard continues with the selection of files and folders that will be included in the backup archive and users are also offered the possibility to use ZIP compression and password protection for the backup. Other options include delaying the backup/restore actions after USB drive insertion or the application launch with a user-specified amount of time, notifying the user after a successful backup or restore action, enabling real-time mode that will monitor in real-time changes made to file on computer and USB drive and automatically add a copy to the backup or sync archive.

Besides the high level of customization offered by Automatic USB Backup, this utility lets you set up an unlimited number of USB devices, to serve different purposes. The program has a comprehensive online help manual that shows users how to configure the program for typical uses.


– Quick and straightforward installation.
– Users can easily create a backup/restore/sync task via the wizard-like setup.
– Automatic USB Backup offers multiple types of actions that can be automatically performed at USB drive insertion, namely backup local/usb drive, synchronize, restore all and ask the user to select an action every time.
– Protection is enabled for deleted files. Every file that gets overwritten has a backup copy automatically created that lets user revert back to a previous version of the file.


– None worth mentioning.


Automatic USB Backup includes all the necessary functions to facilitate backup and restore tasks to and from USB storage devices. Since performing such actions might be somewhat difficult for inexperienced users, the application offers a wizard interface that guides users into automating them through a step-by-step approach.