How To: Automatically open two apps at once in Android Nougat multi-window mode

Android Nougat came with a unified multi-window mode that ensures all Android devices can use the same split-screen view. This also makes it possible for developers to create split-screen mods that support all smartphones and tablets running Android 7.0 or higher. One of them allows you to automatically open two apps at once in Android Nougat.

This works by creating home screen shortcuts which automatically open two apps side by side.

How to automatically open two apps at once in Android Nougat

The app in question is called Screens – Multi Window Manager and to install it, simply visit the link below or search for it in Google Play Store.

Download Screens – Multi Window Manager from Google Play

After you install the app, open the Settings app and select Accessibility. There, tap on Screens and enable the service. Press OK on the pop-up dialog to continue.

Now you can go ahead and launch the Screens app. On its main screen, two ‘+’ buttons are displayed. Tapping on the upper ‘+’ button lets you select the app that will open on top (while in portrait view) or left (in landscape view) in multi-window mode. If you tap on the lower ‘+’ button you can select the app which opens on the bottom or right in multi-window mode.

After you select both apps, give your shortcut a name and tap on the “Create Shortcut” option. You will be able to access the newly created shortcut on your home screen.

Every time you tap that icon, the two apps you set in the Screen app will automatically open side by side in multi-window mode. As you can see, this free app is quite straightforward to use and makes it easy to automatically open two apps at once in Android Nougat.

There are so many useful app combos, so you won’t have hard time a few that work for you. Have you tried Screens and what app combos are you using in split-screen mode?

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