AutoMe: Automate your repetitive tasks with a few clicks

Doing things over and over in your computer can get mundane and annoying very quickly and this is what AutoMe aims to fix. Now you can create automated processes and macros so that you save your time for more important things.

Installation & Requirements

The whole setup process is simple and completes very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The first window you will notice will be providing you with the daily tip. You can either view more or disable the feature by checking the respective box. I would recommend leaving it on if you are a beginner to such programs as it can provide invaluable information with a quick access.

The macros have been dubbed by the program as robots. Creating a robot is extremely easy and you can also view demonstrations of existing ones by clicking on their name and then on the “Run Robot” button. You can really create automated processes for anything you need, from simple tasks like opening a program to copying and pasting text from one file to others.

To create a robot from scratch, press on the “Record Robot” button. It will open a small window asking you to start recording. When you start recording, every action you take will be recorded within the application to create your macro. So for example if you simply want the robot to open another application, start the application either by clicking and entering or by double clicking and press “stop recording”. Give the macro a name and a hotkey and you can try it on your own. You can also run the robot from the respective button within AutoMe.

Editing a robot is also very easy. The editing interface lets you edit everything from the hotkey and the name of the robot to the specific actions you want it to take or their order. Simply click on an action to remove it or to move it up and down the list. You also get specific details on little things like how far you moved your mouse and how long it took you to do that. If it took you longer than you wanted to you can also choose to run the macros at a faster speed.


-The program is so easy to use that anyone can create and run any kind of macro they want
-The editing options for the robots are very detailed and with a bit of nitpicking you can personalize your robots to an extreme extent
-Anything from simple to complex tasks can be created in the same, easy way


-There are some things the application does not recognize when recording


If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks at your computer every day and you wish there was something out there that would make boring processes automated, then you have found it. AutoMe is an incredible utility for both the lazy and the hard-working that simply want to lift a weight out of their working schedule.