AutoSendIP: Easily share your IP

AutoSendIP is a small, freeware utility that simply lets you send your IP to another person with e-mail, developed to be as easy as possible.

Installation & Requirements

The only thing you really need to do during the installation is select a language. Unfortunately, the EULA is only in French with no obvious option to read an English version. The program will also ask you to create a Start menu entry only after the setup is over. All Windows versions from XP and later are supported by the application.


As the application was designed to be extremely simple to use, there is not much going on in terms of options or any kind of visual offerings. The very first window that pops up after you install and run the program is the Options window. As the program only really does one thing, you have to set it up in order to let it do the work.

What you need is fairly simple. Everyone has an email address these days and every service has its own mail server. A quick search around the internet will give you all the details that the program is looking for. What you will need next is the e-mail address of the recipient and you are pretty much done with the options. After you enter the settings, they are saved so you do not have to do it every time.

I do have to say that the simplicity of the program could also serve as its downfall for a lot of users. Not a lot of care has been given into ensuring the application can work every time, which is a pity. For example, if you set the wrong settings, the program will try to enforce them every time you try to open it again with no option to reset the settings from the main menu, unless you re-install it. Of course, other ways also exist but the average user should not have to go through such a hassle in order to do such a simple thing.

Of course, it is also a question of who the program is aimed for. Sending your IP to another person via email is not something that the average user would want to do. The application is mostly reserved for the tech crowd that wants to get IP addresses fast and probably remotely without having to go through other panels. Still, there are probably easier ways to do it that do not involve any bellyaching.


-Very simple to use
-Works right from the get-go


-Weird design choices hinder usability
-Settings cannot be reset easily
-Outdated functions


If you belong to AutoSendIP’s niche targeted crowd, you might benefit from the automated functions of sending your IP through email. If you already have other ways to do things, however, you might find the program to be too clunky for a supposedly simple and refreshing experience.