Aviate Launcher gets a new Smart Stream page

Aviate Launcher is a fine example of how personalized your home screen can be. This particular app belongs in the “smart launcher” category, as it uses your preferences, but also your location and time of day to display relevant apps on your home screen.

Ever since Yahoo purchased Aviate, it keeps getting better, and with the latest update the feature formerly known as Spaces has been replaced with the all-new Smart Stream. Yahoo says Smart Stream is a simplified version of Spaces, which condenses all information into a single stream.

Aviate Launcher Smart Stream

Smart Stream is rather similar to Google Now, showing content organized as cards, which can be accessed by swiping left on the home screen. What it displays depends on your installed apps, where you are and your personal phone usage patterns. The new feature gets better as it learns more about the way you use your smartphone and the types of cards which it shows include nearby restaurants, sports scores, upcoming events, breaking news and others. The content is dynamically adjusted, based on what you’re doing – for example, the Smart Stream will display music apps when you plug in your headphones.

Before this update, Spaces was showing settings and apps, in the same contextual fashion as Smart Stream is using. However, no changes were implemented regarding the quick contacts card and auto-categorized apps.

The Smart Stream feature is quickly gathering negative reviews from Aviate users. For now, it seems like most people preferred Spaces, and find its replacement to be an uninspired copy of Google Now.

Are you using Aviate? Do you like the new Smart Screen, or you would have preferred Spaces instead?

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