Awesome Android Apps to Check Out this Month

Android L Launcher Theme

Android L Launcher Theme

  • BRIONICthemes
  • $1.99

After Google showcased Android L and show-off nerds started posting screenshots of the preview, Google Play saw a major influx of Android L skins, themes, wallpapers and icon packs that work with custom launchers. Android L Launcher Theme may not be the cheapest, but it sports a good rating among users, so if you feel you are unlikely to receive Android L when it’s rolled out, give it a go.

This Android L makeover gives your device a new, stylish look that goes in line with Google’s next mobile OS version, and tunes your icons, wallpapers, folders, dock bars, launcher and widget according to Android L Material Design. The theme supports most custom launchers, including Nova, Apex, Aviate, Next 3D, GO, Holo, Lucid and many more.

And Google, please, let this OS not be a ‘lollipop.’


Spring – Increase Height


  • By Sundaybugs
  • Free

A funny, yet indispensable app for short people who want to look taller on their photos. If you find it difficult to hook a date on an online dating website when some people filter out potential dates based on height, you might try this little trickster app. It edits your full-body pictures to make you look proportionally and naturally taller. As ridiculous as it may seem, it does a pretty good job making short people look taller, naturally. Although, Sundaybugs could use running the app’s description through a spell-checker.


Bamboo Paper (Free)

Bamboo Paper

  • By Wacom Co.
  • Free

Since Bamboo Paper is immediately in your face when you browse new apps, it might be worth checking out, especially because Wacom offers premium features for free for quite a limited time, so if you need a virtual notebook, grab the free deal now.

Notes and sketches can be arranged and shared with your other devices, or with your colleagues via social media networks and cloud services. Don’t forget Wacom also sells a stylus to go with the app. The functionality is rich, but quite typical for a decent notebook app. You can zoom to draw precise lines, add annotations on top of photos you add to a page and work in full screen mode for ultimate concentration.


Digify – Share Files Privately (Free)


  • By Digify Inc
  • Free

One of my favourite newcomers to Google Play this month so far is Digify, which appeals to privacy maniacs of all kinds. The app lets you share files in a safe read-only mode, with self-destruction option. Your recipient needs to have Digify, too, in order to be able to receive the message, but it’s well worth trying to impose on your counter-agents. The app currently works with Dropbox, if you want to securely share a file from your cloud storage.

Additionally, Digify lets you un-share or track the files you share through it. That way, you can protect your files from being copied and re-distributed, forwarded, or downloaded. Android app prevents from screen-copying, too. You will also know who, for how long and how often has been viewing the file you shared.




  • By IDrive Inc
  • Free

Ooloo is not the first project attempting a personalized approach to user queries. IDrive claim they have a team of dedicated researchers willing to process your unusual queries, that is the search requests Google failed to answer. Ooloo is something like Yahoo Answers, but wrapped in an app and backed by a team of Ooloo employees working 24/7. The app lets you send text and voice recorded questions. Now, it is currently available only in select locations, but it is well worth trying out. The description also does not specify which areas of expertise Ooloo is covering, but for restaurants and veggie recipes, but human search is definitely an interesting concept. The description does not specify whether the services are paid, tough, and the app will have access to your location, so I guess the range of queries might be limited to local businesses.


Pic Quote – Insta Photo Quote


  • Free

Another app for editing pictures, but this time it’s adding text to your images. You can edit font, style, color, frames, themes, stickers and create free and artsy cards to share on Facebook, Instagram or send to your loved ones. The app offers four themes for birthday, wedding, love and general, and the overall count of themes is about 25, so there is ample room for experimenting.


Silk paints drawing

Silk paints drawing

  • By
  • Free

A tool for artists, Silk paints drawing offers a silk brush effect, and it looks gorgeous, so if you are an artist always scribbling on pieces of a napkin, install this free Android tool and toy with it to your heart’s content. Note devices owners will be particularly happy with the S-pen input. There is a set of special brushes and a color companion with awesome fire, ice and neon sets, which are available in the new update that is currently in beta and if you would like to become a tester, join this community and request the new update.

When you are done creating, you can share your artwork on social networks, set it as your live wallpaper or email it to someone special. You will also have access to the gallery of best works created with this tool.


Microsoft account

Microsoft Account

  • By Microsoft Corporation
  • Free

It’s surprising why Microsoft hadn’t released account authenticator earlier, but now you can install the tool and make your two-step authentication in Microsoft account easier. This one works a bit different from a Google authenticator analogy, though. Microsoft Account will display a notification when you need to verify your account. All you need to do is tap ‘Approve,’ and you are verified. This works even when you have two-step authentication turned on, and all you do to authenticate is tap ‘approve.’ Likewise, if you are offline, the app will generate a security code you can enter manually to verify your ID.


Vlc For Android Beta


  • By VideoLabs
  • Free

VLC is still in Beta, and it is better than ever. The last update brings a slew of fixes and improvements, but its main strength is it is omnivorous, being capable of playing any video and audio file formats. No ads, no lags, hopefully. It’s capable of reproducing most multimedia files and network streaming protocols, multi-track audio and subtitles, and a lot more multimedia playback goodness. Take note it is designed for devices with an ARMv7 CPU or x86 CPU.