Awesome Animator: Create your own animations

Awesome Animator (previously Express Animator) is an animation creating and editing utility that will let you create your very own Flash animations from scratch. The trial version is fully functional for 14 days after which a full license must be purchased.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is very simple with the only option being choosing the destination folder. Desktop shortcuts are created automatically. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP2, Vista and 7.


The interface of the program is very clean even though it is a bit outdated. There are buttons and toolbars everywhere but they do not obstruct the view. Creating a new animation is very easy even from scratch but you can also import movies, image files and audio to start with. The help contents are invaluable as they detail each of the application’s functions step-by-step, including how to make your first animation and your first script.

Your animation can be edited through various ways. The left side toolbar provides a few basic effects like shapes as well as the ability to edit them by moving, rotating, resizing and merging them together. The design of the various toolbars is a bit strange as you cannot scroll down to the very bottom. You will have to enlarge the whole window or at least decrease other windows within the application in size in order to view all of the buttons in a toolbar.

Depending on the tool you have currently selected, right clicking on the editing interface gives you different options. More often than not, the options given in the context menu are an extension of the tool. For example, the size tool gives you various resizing options when right clicking on an object in the editing interface. The right side panel also provides a lot of editing options for the objects and shapes including the ability to edit their position in the current frame and change their appearance and colour.

Animating your work is also very simple. First of all you will need to create extra layers which can be found in the bottom of the main interface window. Then you will need to move the objects in each frame so that when you play it back they will be animated. You can even create three dimensional objects and animations if you wish by going to the appropriate tab in the top menu. The menu at the top provides a ton of options that you cannot access through the various toolbars, including the scripting utility for the more advanced users.


-Fast installation
-Clean interface
-A ton of editing and animating options
-Simple for inexperienced users yet provides a lot of options for advanced users


-Somewhat outdated


Awesome Animator is a perfect animating tool for users that want to dabble into the field. More advanced users might find the program a bit outdated but it surely is great for creating simple yet effective animations.