This awesome trick can free up lots of storage space on your iPhone or iPad

Running low on storage space is a common problem with iPhones as they don’t have expandable storage. I guess it’s not that bad if you’re trying to download a file or an app only to realize you don’t have enough storage available to save it – you can clear up some space and download the file later. However, it sure is annoying if this happens when you want to take a photo. Chances are the moment you were trying to capture is already over by the time you manage to make some room on your iPhone’s storage.

A while ago, a cool trick that can free up a lot of storage space on the iPhone was shared by Reddit user eavesdroppingyou and it really works.

More importantly, the trick works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and doesn’t require jailbreak. You can watch a full demonstration of how it’s done shared by YouTube user iTwe4kz (video at the end of the post) or simply follow our instructions.

Okay, let’s get down to business. Open the iTunes Store and pick a movie that has a larger file size than your currently available free storage space and try to rent it.

Note: You won’t be actually renting the movie as long as it’s larger than the storage space available on your device so pay attention to that.

iTunes - Movies

Like I already said, tap the Rent button.

iTunes - Insufficient storage space error

An error message will pop up, warning there’s insufficient storage space available to download the movie. Click on ‘OK‘ or on ‘Settings‘ and some junk files will be magically removed from your iPhone.

Now, the trick is, you can repeat the process to free up even more storage space, so for your convenience, use the ‘OK‘ button and then do it all over again a few more times.

At some point, the trick won’t be able to release any more storage space but it can take even 7-8 tries to top it off. As you’re freeing up storage space you might want to see how much you have available. To do that, simply tap on the ‘Settings‘ option and the General Settings screen will be displayed. There, select Storage & iCloud Usage to see how much space you gained.

Have you tried to free up storage space on your iPhone with this awesome trick? How much space did you manage to gain? Let us know in the comment section below!

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