Babylon Pro: Professional translations

Babylon Pro is one of the most complete translation tools, offering translations in tens of languages as well as providing information about words from the most popular dictionaries in the world.

Installation & Requirements

During installation you have to be wary of the extra software that the setup will try to install. When you reach the agreement part, cancel it if you do not want them installed. If you agree you will also install extra software like the Babylon toolbar. The application supports a lot of operating systems, namely Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS 10.5 and higher. Integration with Word requires versions 2003 and higher.


The first window that pops up from the application is a very helpful quick start guide which will give users information about the two main functions of the application and how to perform them. You can skip it if you want as it can be opened at any time from the program.

The application’s main window has two tabs. The first one is used for single words, providing a lot of information about them in the language you have currently selected like Wikipedia entries, synonyms and more. Translating words is very easy as well as you only have to add another language using the plus icon next to the flags. Then you simply need to click on the flags in order to translate the word you want into that particular language.

The second tab is reserved for longer translations of entire sentences. Even if you do not know the language that the original text is from the application can automatically detect it using their algorithms. You can also click the link that says you can get help from professionals in order for your text to be sent to actual humans that will translate anything you want but you have to pay for it every time and their prices can be quite steep.

The application also integrates itself with Word seamlessly. You can click on the document icon in the bottom right corner of the application and browse your computer for the files you want to translate or open your Word documents and translate it from there. You will notice a plugin on the top of your Word depending on your version. Then you simply need to provide an output language and a folder and your document will be translated.

Last but not least, Babylon can translate any word in your computer in any application or file. Simply hold the Ctrl button and right click on the word. Babylon’s window will pop up providing definitions and translations on the spot. You will obviously need to be running the application in order for this module to work.


-Very good looking interface
-Simple to use
-Complex options that provide amazingly deep information about each and every word
-Sleek integration with word
-The ability to translate from your computer on the spot


-The installer tries to push extra software


Babylon Pro lives up to its name as one of the most complete translation tools and for good reason. The capabilities of the application are simply incredible and the seamless integration with the operating system make it a must have.