Back2zip: Backup your data

In the world of today where we store all of our important and sensitive data in our computers, backing them up is very important. Back2zip is a free application that connects to Amazon’s S3 service in order to help you protect and backup your files.

Installation & Requirements

The setup of the application is extremely fast due to the file size. Unfortunately the installer does not create desktop shortcuts so you will have to either start the program from the Start menu or create a shortcut manually. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Because of the fact that the application is still in beta, the interface might be a bit clunky at times. If you are having any visual bugs with the interface you should simply increase or decrease the text display size from the Options menu and they should be fixed immediately. The menu can be accessed along with the other parts of the application by clicking on its tab. If you ever need any help with the program you can either click on the help icon or go to the Help menu.

Before you can really do anything with the application you will have to insert your Amazon S3 details so that the application can connect to it. In case you do not know what that is, Amazon’s S3 is a cloud storage service but it is not free. The pricing comes in various tiers and the application simply transfers your data automatically so that you always have a backup. However, the application can also create simple backups to store in your computer in the ZIP format so that it saves space.

Adding folders is very easy. Either drag and drop them into the application or click on the Add Folder button to browse your computer for them. You will get some information about the folders like how many files they contain. When you have added all the files you want, simply click on the Backup Now button and the process will begin. From the bottom of the same window you can also change the folder where the ZIP archives will be stored.

Restoring the files is also extremely easy. Simply go to the respective tab and choose one of the restoring options. You can even restore your files directly from the online storage so that you do not have to do it manually. The last two tabs, the Options and the Log are self-explanatory.


-Fast installation
-Easy to use
-Multiple backups


-A bit limited in features


Back2zip is a decent backup utility depending on your needs. If you are already using Amazon S3 then you should definitely try the application for your backup needs. If you are not then you might want to download it anyway to check how it works since it is free.