BackUpTime: Free tool for automated data backup

If you’re on the lookout for a lightweight, free backup utility, BackupTime is one of the best choices. With a built-in scheduler and plenty of useful options, BackupTime can work without requiring extensive tweaking, although there are plenty of ways to customize it, if such is your wish.

Installation & Requirements

Installing the program is simple but has its fair amount of options. After agreeing to the EULA you will have to choose where you want the application to be installed and in which folder in the Start menu. After that you get to the final options screen where you have four options.

Creating a desktop shortcut, launching the program after the installation is done, checking for updates every week and whether or not you want to see the help file after the installation. Supported operating systems range from Windows 2000 all the way to Windows 8 and it does not require any other 3rd party software to operate.


The main interface is divided into three tabs that are more or less self-explanatory and they are named schedules, actions and messages. More information can be found about them by clicking on the respective button or clicking on the help button that has sections about everything.

The schedules tab allows you to create new schedules or customize your existing one. Clicking on the “New” button will move you to the schedule editor where you can choose from a variety of options like copying files, sending messages or shutting down your computer. Certain actions like the copying one will need you to provide further details in the action editor window, like which files you want to copy or which sound you want to play at any given moment. You can also set the time for each event specifically and set the frequency as well. You can even choose to delete the event after it has run its course. If you are not certain about a specific function, the help tooltip will provide you with all the information you need. In case you want to run the event early or you want to delete it, you have the option at the top of the schedule interface where you can also edit and name any schedule that you have created.

The actions tab simply informs the users on what each of them does. For example, the “Play Sound” action is simply described as playing a .wav sound file. More detailed information about them is found in the help section and in the action editor window.

The last tab is consisted of messages about each action you take within the program. It will state when you started the program, when you change the language and when you set and activate actions. It will also even let you know about the time some of those actions took and what you have created, deleted and edited throughout your sessions.

Lastly, on the top right of the interface you will find the Settings where you can edit various things like running the program when windows starts and whether or not you want the program to search for updates automatically.


-A large variety of features that go beyond a simple backup application
-Fully editable schedules allow for immense flexibility
-Detailed help sections will help even the most inexperienced of users
-Messages and schedules will always remind you on the actions you have already taken so you know you will always be safe regarding your data


-None worth mentioning


As a free utility, BackUpTime can truly compete with the best of its field. Not only is the main feature perfected but it also allows users to be fully flexible in their schedules and what they want to do with their computer’s data to an amazing degree. It is a must have for anyone that has important data or just wants to rest in peace and spend only a few minutes creating a complete schedule.