Banana Lets You Insert Your Face Onto The Faces of Celebrities

Funny pics and videos have long been a possibility on mobile devices, and there are many apps that offer the possibilities of adding stickers to your photos. Recently we covered MSQRD app that lets you apply funny or scary masks over your selfies. Today we want to tell you about another app that brings a ton of funny filters and lets you make images and videos with your facial parts in the faces of celebs.

icon bananaBanana – Send funny selfie videos & photos

Developer: Mentor Ventures, Inc.
Download it from iTunes
Price: free, IAPs

I know, it sounds a bit creepy, and in many cases it looks creepy as hell, but check it out.

The app is free, with some optional IAPs. The free app comes with a wealth of free filters, and new filters are added on a regular basis. Not only the developers are engaged in the updates – the app seems to gain traction and users are now able to add their own custom filters for everyone else to use.

Currently Banana is only available on iOS. A single $2 IAP unlocks more than 500 filters. So, if there is anything Banana does better than the other apps in the niche is bombarding you with the variety of filters, and it’s awesome.

You can basically just make funny pictures, or use filters to beautify your own images, but the real fun is in the celebs filters, which task you with making a selfie to insert into the frame of the face of someone famous. The result is a creepy morph, and that’s the gist of using it.

You can also make short videos and GIFs with it, and as far as we can tell Donald Trump is leading the way, being one of the most popular filters. Since the developers seem determined to stay on top of the trends to keep the users entertained, you can always find something new. Since The Walking Dead is a thing again, you can shoot a video of yourself as a walking dead:


or a Mark Zuckerberg:

You see – it’s totally bananas. Since it’s free, why not try it?