Bart VPN: Browse the internet freely and securely

There are billions of internet users, but there are very few that know how to protect themselves from malicious Internet attacks or how to browse whatever website they want anonymously and securely.  Bart VPN wants to provide its users with the ability to do all of the above with the added incentive of boasting one of the top browsing speeds in the market.

Installation & Requirements

Bart VPN probably has the simplest installation out there. You simply agree to their license and the installation begins. The supported operating systems are Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8 as well as Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8.


When the application starts for the first time, it will automatically begin its encryption process and after a while it will inform you that it is complete. As the program does most of its work automatically, the interface is very minimal and there is little input on the part of the user. You will also notice the Bart VPN icon on your browser window informing you that you are protected. What you can actually change is limited to things like choosing a different server if you are not satisfied with the one that has been assigned to you automatically and the Bart Bind.

The Bart Bind is a feature that is obviously unique to this application. When you select a program through it, the program will only run when there is secure established connection running. So for example, if you want to play an online video game and you are afraid of falling victim to hackers, then you can use Bart VPN to protect yourself from it. You can rest assured that no one can get into your internet settings as the application’s protection extends to the applications protected by Bart Bind.

You can also click on a little link in the home interface of Bart that will take you to their website where you can check your protection. If you have selected a server that is different from your current location, the website will let you know a number of sites you can now visit as they will no longer detect your country and automatically block you out. You can also perform an IP test to check your protection. Lastly, the developers will later add an extension that will block ads found in the web, similar to what AdBlock Plus is doing right now.


-Minimal user input means that even people with no technology experience whatsoever can use the program and get the most out of it
-A variety of servers to choose from not only means that your connection speed will not be hindered but that you can also visit websites that would be otherwise blocked to you depending on your country
-The Bart Bind utility is very useful to protect yourself from malicious internet communities


-None that are worth mentioning


If you are looking for one of the fastest and most secure ways to browse the internet however you want then you should look no further, especially if you are not exactly tech savvy. Bart VPN provides very concrete services and the automated process only makes things even easier.